Readings by Doraine Poretz

The Moons of Kashar

The Moons of Kashar:

One Magical Tale & Twenty Poems of Love


A tale of dragons, art and liberation plus twenty love poems, sacred and profane.


Published by Bombshelter Press, 2016

Cover art and interior art by Leigh J. McCloskey

$20 plus $2.50 for shipping

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An Occasion for Being




An Occasion for Being

Poetry by Doraine Poretz

Cello music composed and played by Semyon Kobialka


Published by Hunky-Dori Music, 2015

Cover art and design by Wanda Decca

$17 plus $2.50 for shipping

An Occasion for Being

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"The Art", illuminated by the paintings of Leigh J. McCloskey

Emily's Coach with Cello -
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Prayer with Cello -
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Longing with Cello -
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Listen This Bed with Cello - Unknown Artist
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